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Glitter Your Pallet - Be a Mermaid by HarvestMoonFreak723 Glitter Your Pallet - Be a Mermaid :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.7 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.7 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.6 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.6 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.5 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.5 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.4 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.4 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.1 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.1 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 1 0 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.2 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.2 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.0 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Model 1.0 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Catalog pt.2 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Catalog pt.2 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Catalog pt.1 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Catalog pt.1 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Project pt.2 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Project pt.2 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Project by HarvestMoonFreak723 Architecture Studio: S17 - Final Project :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Corner Project Pre-Final2 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Corner Project Pre-Final2 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 1 0 Corner Project Elevation 2 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Corner Project Elevation 2 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 1 0 Corner Project Elevation 1 by HarvestMoonFreak723 Corner Project Elevation 1 :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0 Screenshot: Corner Project, Work-In-Progress by HarvestMoonFreak723 Screenshot: Corner Project, Work-In-Progress :iconharvestmoonfreak723:HarvestMoonFreak723 0 0

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HM Chapter 1
HM Chapter 1
Snow Fall
Claire peered down at the snowy ground as she slid across the veranda, wincing as the bitter winter winds pulled at her hair and clothes.
            "Work is always so hard in winter..." she muttered to herself. She looked down and spotted a clump of white grass at her feet.
             "Finally." Claire bent down and grabbed the plants' tuber stem and pulled. It didn't budge. The ground must have frozen it solid. She braced herself and pulled again. It didn't give at all. 
              "Gah!" she kicked the plant in frustration. It still didn't move. Claire grabbed the trowel out of her green backpack and shoved it into the frostbitten ground underneath where she hoped its roots were. She tugged upward.
              The grass came out easily and the extra force she'd used sent her sprawling flat on her bac
:iconoxymoronika:Oxymoronika 4 0
Harvest Moon Fanfic -2- Ch. 1
TWISTED (title of story)
Chapter 1: Farmer
The green leaves on the trees were blowing in the wind, causing them to fall to the ground. The dew of spring caressed the small island in the early morning. I could feel the wind on my back, and the sun on my head as they brushed against my skin. The island was lively that day, as the morning rays struck down to the ground and I could sense vibes of peace from the villagers. They all had gathered in Meadow Island. Sheep walked around, grazing on the grassy earth. Mirabelle, the judge and founder of the festival, stood behind a counter in the center of the island, talking to villagers and people competing in the best sheep contest.
I sat under a tree farther away from the crowd, enjoying the shade instead of the hot spring sun. My eyes were heavy from the lack of sleep the night before, and my arms were crossed across my chest. I had a great start on the island. After being shipwrecked with Taro and his family, we had decided without hesitatio
:iconvicky271:vicky271 5 31
Harvest Moon: VaughnxChelsea
Sunshine Islands Vaughn x Chelsea Fanfiction
Note to Readers
First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my story that I've put sweat and blood into. I thought I'd start out by listing the characters and giving you all that information.
Chelsea: So, most stories I've read, Chelsea is very outgoing and a bit of an annoyance. In this story, she will be little quiet…and more mature. But she has a hint of outgoingness! (lol) When she becomes friends with other people, she gets very loud and friendly. But she doesn't open up to people much….
Vaughn: He's the normal old Vaughn. Nothing changed here.
Sabrina, Alisa and Julia: Three of Chelsea's best friends. Sabrina is the first girl that Chelsea will befriend considering they are very much similar in their personality. Then she will befriend Julia because she's Vaughn's cousin. Then Alisa, because….well I chose alias because she isn't mentioned much in the other stories.
Elli: Elli is a past Harvest Moon character. For
:iconvicky271:vicky271 14 0
Harvest Moon 4 AWL DS Ep1
Harvest Moon 4 A Wonderful Life/Double Stories
Episode 1: Two Young Farmers, One Wonderful Life
Do you want to introduce yourself first?
No way, man! You do it!
Okay, okay, I'll go first. Hello! I'm Niko!
And I'm Jack! I'm Pete's little brother! Niko here is a good friend of mine I met when I moved to Forget-Me-Not Valley!
Lucky you, Jack, everyone knows who you are because they know your parents and brother. What about me? No one knows me or my family because they weren't in the prequels. I feel like an outcast.
All right, Niko, I'll tell you what. I'll let you narrate first, telling your part of the story, then afterwards, I'll tell my half. Deal?
Okay, deal. Well, guys, it's just me, Niko narrating now. Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Niko, I'm 5 years older than Jack, which makes me 20 years old. I'm 4 inches taller than he is, and unlike him, I don't wear a hat, and I don't wear blue coveralls. My hair is long and most strings of my hair stick almost straight up in the
:iconpokemongarnetversion:PokemonGarnetVersion 3 4
Harvest Moon 3 HoLV Ep1
Harvest Moon 3 Hero of Leaf Valley
Episode 1: A Hero Is Chosen
Monday, 1st of Spring
What's up, everyone? It's me, Rugosa! Huh? Don't tell me you forgot me already! Really? Alright. I'm Pete and Popuri's son, Tony and Ellen are my grandparents. Rick, Karen, Jack and his wife who I never met are my uncles and aunts, Sam, Jack's son is my cousin. I'm 20 years old, 5'5 in height, I have a fit, lean body, I wear blue jeans with brown suspender straps wrapped over my white, sleeveless shirt, I wear brown shoes, I have a small bag tied around my waist, the bag itself resting on top my buttocks, I wear a blue cap which is yellow colored at the brim, and my cap has the word "TOY" written in thick red letters on it. Dad made this cap himself because I love this species of flowers called Toy Flowers, which can only be found in the vicinity of Mineral Town during the spring.
I wear my cap backwards too, I never wear it with the brim facing forward. I have 3 tufts of hair sticking out of my cap sh
:iconpokemongarnetversion:PokemonGarnetVersion 2 0
Harvest Moon-Time of Dawn by TheXion14 Harvest Moon-Time of Dawn :iconthexion14:TheXion14 4 8 IOH Comic by Stitchpuppy01 IOH Comic :iconstitchpuppy01:Stitchpuppy01 97 31
Harvest Moon 2 BTN Ep1
Harvest Moon 2 Back To Nature
Episode 1: Return To Nature
Hey there! I'm Pete. You remember me, don't cha? If you don't, allow me to jog your memory. You remember my Dad, Tony, right? Well, I'm his oldest son! Yep! It's me! I'm 16 years old, and this is my story. About my return to nature. I found myself standing outside near the entrance of Mineral Town. Like my dad, I'm wearing similar clothes like he did back when I was a baby. Overalls, boots, a blue cap, the only difference is my cap is orange at the brim instead of completely blue. And I'm wearing a big yellow backpack called a "rucksack", in case I have to carry more than one item. I was waiting for someone. I checked my watch. He should be here by now. A few minutes later, when I looked up, there he is, coming. He is a short man, in a small red top hat, and he wore a red suit, a yellow necktie shaped like a ribbon, and had a thick stylized brown mustache. As soon as he came up to me, he greeted me. "Welcome to Mineral Town. I'm
:iconpokemongarnetversion:PokemonGarnetVersion 1 0
Midnight: ChelseaxVaughn
                                                           (Vaughn POV)
"Ah crap, I hate the winter." Vaughn grumbled.
The cowboy huffed as he trudged through the snow on the main island, today was the New Year's festival, the only reason he was here on a day other than Tuesday or Wednesday was because his girlfriend, Chelsea wo
:iconmailiflower:mailiflower 17 9
ChelseaxVaughn:short story
                                                    Advice from the Heart
*This is a bonus from when Chelsea and Vaughn were just dating, hope you enjoy! I wrote this for an art trade with Deademoninja. *
"Hey buddy~!"
Vaughn groaned inwardly and looked up, "Hello Denny…" he was just sitting in the bar in town, enjoying some peace and quiet for a change until his 'best friend' ran
:iconmailiflower:mailiflower 11 12
Secret Desire:ChelseaxVaughn1
                                                                 Chapter 1
Some info about this new series: Fan of VaughnxChelsea? Than  look no farther, I'll faithfully write their love story, how they met, their past, and more. Read on Harvest Moon fans, read on.
:iconmailiflower:mailiflower 23 17
Locked Hearts:GretelxIvan1
                                   Chapter 1
"Ahh. Time to leave. Bye Ms. Sarah! Gretel called back cheerfully. Some of her friends, fellow orphans waved at her sadly as she got in the cab. She wore her usual clothing ensemble: dark shorts, a flowing blouse covered by a light red sweater, and her hat with the feather. Her blue eyes glinted with excitement.
Ms. Sarah, a woman in her late forties, smiled at her, "Goodbye dear. Have a safe trip."
The taxi began to slowly roll down the driveway, Gretel sighed, "Goodbye…I'll miss all of you." She leaned her head against the seat, enjoying the quiet
:iconmailiflower:mailiflower 11 21
Harvest Moon-This Guy?37 by AngelCou Harvest Moon-This Guy?37 :iconangelcou:AngelCou 95 30 Harvest Moon-This Guy?25 by AngelCou Harvest Moon-This Guy?25 :iconangelcou:AngelCou 86 43 Harvest Moon-This Guy? Part II by AngelCou Harvest Moon-This Guy? Part II :iconangelcou:AngelCou 59 8



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi there, I'm Katianna, or HarvestMoonFreak723.

I'm also on under the same username, I keep all my Fanfictions there so look there as well, sometimes I only publish there so there's other works there too! :)

I have an account on Scarves& under this name too.

I've also decided :iconthe-sage-of-wind: is my biggest fan and supporter. You rock, girl! You really keep me going!

So, I'm pretty much a well rounded artist. I write, draw, Cosplay, photography, dolls, and other crafts and models. Decent at all, some better than others. Point is, I pretty much do it all. It's great!

There is one thing in this world that has stolen majority of my life and my heart, and that is a game series called Harvest Moon, created by the company Natsume.

I've been playing Harvest Moon since the N64 and I currently have 31(ish?) different HM games in my possession.

I also have another love that is runner up to Harvest Moon and that is DragonBallZ. I fell in love with it in minutes and will not rest until every season of DragonBall, DragonBallZ, DragonBallGT, and every movie are in my possession.

After DragonBall/Z/Gt, my favorite loves are;

- How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD)
- Glee (Klaine)
- Harry Potter
- Xena: Warrior Princess (XENA)
- The Broadway Community (Mostly Phantom and Hedwig)

Check out my groups!

"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

"There's nothing wrong with you. There's a lot wrong with the world you live in."
-Chris Colfer

"There's nothing more badass than being who you are."
-Darren Criss

-"Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings"
-"Don't think you're hot if you're not."
-"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The most important thing is to not stop questioning."
-"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you've always got."
-"I won't take a bullet for anyone because if I have time to jump in front of a have the time to move."
-Embrace your inner dork; life is too short
-The part I don't get about "no", is the part where I don't get what I want.
-"Heart break is more popular disease than heart attack"
- "Love can be good, love can be bad, love can drive the best of us mad."
-"I believe the word 'studying' was derived from the words 'students dying'"
-"Sorry I'm Not Perfect But I'm Definetly Not "Fake".
-"We don't get to pick who we fall in love with, and it doesn't happen like it should."
-"They say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday"
-"People say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it."
I saw a post from. Natsume, something about changing the title of the series from "Harvest Moon" to "Story of Season" or something like that.

im devastated. I'll still be a devoted fan and buy them all, but I still need five more to complete the Harvest Moon collection! This was my life! How can you expect me to love this if I can't even call it the same thing?

granted, if the name is the only thing changing them of course I'll still be a devoted, obsessed fan, but seriously? WHY?!?!?!
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