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Chapter 9: Sorry, Not Interested

    "Tell me you're kidding," Kurt said, looking at Puck with an incredulous look on his face. He glanced at the jock's arm swung casually over his shoulder, like they were the best of friends, and his bright, eager smile. "Merci. You're not kidding, are you?"

    Puck's only response was to grin wider, which Kurt groaned at. "Really, Puck? Me? You want me to come?"

    "Uh, duh, man," Puck replied easily. "How could I not invite one of my boys, huh? Besides, I can't invite all of Glee club and exclude you, either."

    Kurt still looked at him in disbelief. A popular, feared jock, known for bullying harshly in the past and being in juvie, was inviting Kurt, the flamboyant gay kid, to his next party. This had to be a trick, right?

    "Come on, man, you gotta," Puck said, whining exaggeratedly to get Kurt to relax. A smile was cracked, but Kurt's shoulders remained tense.

    It had to be a trick.

    "Blaine will be there~" Puck sung by the boy's ear, his grin turning smug and knowing when Kurt turned red and formed goosebumps. An involuntary grin was growing, and his eyes flashed.

    Damn it. His most valuable kryptonite: being in Blaine's presence.

    Puck raised a fist and cheered triumphantly, seeing the acceptance in Kurt's eyes. Kurt rolled said eyes good-naturedly, shaking his shoulder to get the boy's arm off. Puck started backpedaling, shouting 'Be there at seven!' before spinning on his heels and racing down the corridor.

    Kurt chuckled to himself, turning around and almost running smack into a large mass. His blood froze, and in what felt like slow motion raised his gaze into the petrifying face of one pissed Dave Karofsky.

    Blaine had snapped after Kurt's last attack. He slashed the tires of every football player, sans the Glee club members, and heavily graffitied their cars like he had their lockers and jackets. After that, he stuffed their lockers with dildos and lube, enough that they would fling into the hallway, for all to see. Then, not yet satisfied, he paid the cheerleaders to ask them out, then act like they were being turned down and shout some random, embarrassing, mostly false fact about them.

    Along with his usual revenge.

    Kurt knew the black eye, split lip, and swollen jaw David was sporting were curtsy of Blaine. He didn't expect Blaine to not single the brute out, for his own private punishment. Same as he knew Karofsky was leaving him alone for the time being, at least while his injuries heal. After that, he was fair game again.

    They exchanged a cold gaze, the silent message understood. Smiling crudely at Kurt, David was still able to shove the boy aside, despite the wince he couldn't hold back. Kurt watched his retreating figure, heart slamming in his chest, frustration beading drops in his eyes.

    No. Kurt Hummel will not cry. Not today.

    He gasped in surprise as he was suddenly blinded, a warmth pressing to his back and a hot breath ghosting across his skin, familiar lips brushing his ear as they whispered "Guess who?" in a deep, sexy croon.

    His face bloomed into an ecstatic smile, and he brought his arms up to hold on to the man by his glorious biceps. "Taylor Lautner?" he asked coyly, letting out a squeal as he was suddenly grabbed around the waist and swung in a circle, the man laughing in joy. His laughter joined with the man's, and he spun around the moment he was released, gazing into the toffee brown eyes he was so addicted to.

    He smiled, suddenly shy. "Hi," he whispered.

    Blaine smiled back. "Hey, beautiful. I love your hat today, very McQueen like."

    And another part of Kurt's heart was stolen.


    "There isn't anything else we could be doing tonight? Organizing your closet by season and color? Studying for French? Watch each other's YouTube channels and deny we used to stalk the other on them?"

    Blaine smiled fondly, letting his hands track lower on the pale boy's back, rubbing circles through the material of the shirt. "You organized my closet last week," he murmured, skimming his nose against his collarbone. "We're already fluent in French, and we can watch YouTube anytime. We're going."

    Kurt whined, internally cursing the boy for manipulating him into going by heavily flirting with him. But at the moment, he was willing to complain for a little longer if it meant Blaine would keep touching him. Or forever, which ever came first.

    "But it's going to be filled with jocks, all drunk, and I won't have anyone to talk to once you join them."

    "Okay, A, you're insane if you think I'm leaving you alone in a house full of drunk jocks," Blaine mumbled into his neck. "And B, I don't plan on getting drunk, because then I can't protect you properly."

    Kurt frowned. "I don't want you to not have fun because you feel the need to be your best friend's bodyguard."

    Blaine lifted his head, the seriousness in his eyes shocking Kurt into silence. "Kurt, how can I possibly have a single ounce of fun if I'm scared you're getting hurt?"

    Kurt opened his mouth to retort, but closed it after a few seconds. Shame started to flood his eyes, and Blaine's expression grew guilty.

   "Oh, Kurt, no, that's not what I meant!" he rushed, holding the boy tighter to his chest. Kurt began to shake slightly, holding the tears back.

    "You're not a burden, you aren't doing anything wrong, you aren't inconveniencing me, you're perfect, so perfect," he murmured, cradling the hurt brunette closer still.

    Kurt calmed a few minutes later, his eyes shinning with such gratitude, Blaine had to physically restrain himself from kissing him until every worry and fear was far, far away. He had to break the habit, before they both got hurt.

    Smiling, Blaine rubbed his back softly, saying, "So, you ready yet? Don't think I don't know when you're using your clothes as an excuse to stall, Mr. Hummel."


   "Are you kidding me?" Kurt exclaimed, slightly scandalized.

    Blaine grinned wryly. "Nope. Guy learned a lot after it happened to him."

    Kurt held up a packet from the bowl, kindly labeled it was 'free for the using'.

    "But, condoms?" he asked again, paling a bit as he looked at it.

    Blaine shrugged. "People get drunk, get heavy, realize they don't have any, but go through with it anyway. Next morning sober, nine months later parents. It's safer this way."

    Kurt had a newfound respect for the delinquent. Winking, Blaine tucked a pair into his pocket. Kurt raised a delicate eyebrow. "Planning on using that tonight, Mr. Anderson? And here I thought you said you weren't getting smashed tonight."

    "Oh, babe," Blaine chuckled. "Who said I had to be drunk to use it?"

    He laughed as Kurt paled, clutching his shoulder for support. "Breathe, Hummel. I'm kidding. Why would I do it in Puck's house, of all places?"

    Kurt flushed, shoving the boy away and fondly calling him a moron. Blaine winked, asked if Kurt wanted another drink, and went off in search for them. Kurt sipped his current plastic cup of coke, glancing around. Just like he predicted, everyone was hammered. Puck was even wearing his lampshade as a hat, and he was scared the body shots would repeat once Santana woke up from where she and Brittany passed out.

    With Blaine there, he was actually having some fun. Puck had invited Rachel, being in glee club, and she somehow snuck in a Karaoke machine and set it up in the basement. Many a drunk body had stumbled in, and almost everyone left after performing a number. He and Blaine had already preformed "Animal" by Neon Trees, and Kurt had left for a few minutes after Blaine and Rachel finished singing "Don't You Want Me", though Blaine had given him bedroom eyes the entire time.

    The night was still young, and Kurt was waiting for him when he felt a presence next to him. Smiling, he turned to what he assumed was Blaine, his question dying on his lips when the person in question was most definitely not Blaine.


    Blaine had just located another coke, turning around to head back when a voice addressed him.

    "Nice view, hot stuff."

    Blaine froze. He wasn't a stranger to being hit on, girls did it all the time before he told them it was a lost cause. But recently, if the person wasn't Kurt, then it made him feel; well, dirty, not desirable. Not to mention this voice sounded... predatory.

    He turned around, his pierced brow lifting in question. The boy smirked back, his dark green eyes piercing into Blaine and making him feel exposed. He crossed his arms unconsciously, hoping to use his badass look to say Get Lost, but either this guy didn't see it or he just didn't care.

    "What's a nice piece of sex on a stick like you doing here all by yourself?" the man purred, daring to come closer.

    Blaine instantly tensed. "I'm not alone," he said through gritted teeth. "I'm with my best friend. And I need to get him his drink before it gets lukewarm."

    The guy looked at the coke Blaine was clutching and laughed. "Some friend, what, too scared to live a little and let loose? You should ditch the loser and spend some time with a real man."

    Blaine looked unimpressed. "What, like you?"

    The man smirked gleefully. "Exactly like me."

    Blaine glared, all traces of politeness gone. He uncrossed his arms, his free hand clenching into a fist as he got in the man's face. "A real man wouldn't insult my best friend and expect me to want to have any association with him afterwards. Piss off."

    The man remained unfazed, his meerkat face holding the smirk firmly in place. "I don't think so, sexy," he purred. "Sebastian Smythe always gets the guy."

    Blaine smirked back. "Well, Sebastian Smythe can't say that anymore."

    When he turned to leave, a hand on his elbow held him back. Irritated, feeling dirty, and worried for Kurt since he'd been gone for so long, Blaine had had enough. With a quick spin, he kicked Sebastian in his crotch. The man cried in pain and crumpled, and Blaine left without another word.

    What he found did not help his mood at all.


    "No, really, I couldn't," Kurt insisted, pushing the boy away from him gently. "We just met, and you seem like a nice guy, but -"

    "But what, Kurt? I thought we were hitting it off great!"

    "As friends, yes, but I don't want to date you, anymore then I want to kiss you."

    "There's someone else, isn't there? I bet he isn't into Broadway as much as I am, I bet my grades are better, I bet everything about me is more suited for you then he is."

    Kurt was fuming. "Don't you dare act like you know him at all. If I was you I'd leave now, because if he hears you -"

    "Too late."

    Kurt froze, his eyes closing in dread. Oh Gaga.

    He swallowed before turning around, nodding his head and saying evenly, though obviously relieved, "Blaine."

    Blaine was furious. First he has Smythe trying to get in his pants, then he has some other guy try to kiss his Kurt, and now said guy was insulting him before they'd even met. God, he needed a drink.

    Burning holes into the guy with his glare, Blaine swiftly grabbed the drink previously offered to Kurt, shooting it back as if it were a shot. Wiping his mouth with his sleeve, he tossed the cup aside and crossed his arms again, the burn in this throat and veins empowering him.

    "Kurt," he said evenly. "Is this punk bothering you?"

    The 'punk' in question made a squabble sound of protest, but was shut up when Blaine lifted his hand, palm out, in silence.

    "Don't even fucking dare try to speak, you hear me?" he said, beginning to seethe. "I'd don't know what's happening, but my best friend told you no, he asked you to leave, and I don't entirely trust myself to not punch the ever-loving-shit out of you if you don't walk away right now."

    He got close to the guy's face, his eyes blazing, voice deathly threatening. "Do I make myself clear?"

    The guy opened and closed his mouth several times, readjusting his glasses as terror stole his voice.

    Kurt sighed, taking pity on the boy. "Just go, Chandler," he said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

    Chandler nodded shakily, glancing at Kurt longingly one more time, before scurrying off as Blaine released a low growl of warning and possession.

    Blaine released a sigh, a hand coming up to rub his temple. "God, sometimes being powerful is just so damn exhausting."

    Kurt gaped at him, always shocked at seeing a reason for the badboy's reputation. Blaine raised his eyebrow in confusion. "What? Was it too much?"

    Kurt shook his head. "Gaga, you are so hot when you get mad."

    Blaine smirked, turning around and walking forward, forcing Kurt back. The countertenor felt a thrill rush through his spine and straight to his cock when his back pressed against the wall, and Blaine lifted his arms to press around him, essentially caging him in.

    "Not nearly as sexy as you are when you get bitchy, baby," the boxer whispered in his ear, pressing a light kiss to the underside of Kurt's jaw.

    Kurt's knees trembled.

    Blaine pulled away, desire and mischievousness shinning in his orbs of honey-gold. "Come on, I think we should wow these boozers and get some solos in, 'k?"

    Kurt nodded mutely, hoping the room's low lighting was hiding his blush. Blaine smiled, tension leaving his body as he watched Kurt fall apart. The voice of insecurity in his head was silenced when he got Kurt to react the way he did. And that alone made everything better.

    "No. Kurt, don't, please, I'll get on my knees if I must."

    "Nope. I dare you to not sing something by a female artist."

    Blaine groaned. "But they have such better lyrics!" he whined.

    Kurt smiled deviously. "I know. That's why I'm doing one."

    Blaine gaped at him as he sauntered off, calling out "Cheater!" to his retreating back, trying but failing to take his eyes from the boy's ass in those skin tight jeans.

    "You know, I've always liked the feisty, hard-to-get ones the most," a voice said in Blaine's ear as it approached him from behind. "Second would be the bashful schoolboy thing."

    Blaine held in his sigh of frustration as Sebastian tried to get handsy, promptly shaking or slapping his hands accordingly. "Can you not take a hint?" he hissed.

    Sebastian smirked. "Oh, baby, you know the chase is half the fun."

    Blaine tensed and spun, crossing his arms again. "Look, Sebastian, I'm sorta already promised with someone else."

    The meerkat didn't even flinch. "Doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you."

    Blaine shook his head, appalled. "No, I really care about him."

    "He doesn't have to know," Sebastian kept insisting.

    "I just -," Blaine paused, running his hands through his curls in frustration. "I don't want to mess my thing up with him. He's really great."

    "Who's really great?"

    Blaine spun around, his relief and joy battling each other as he smiled. "You! We were just talking about you."

    He wrapped an arm around Kurt's waist, pulling him close to the side and hooking two fingers in the leather bracelet on his wrist. "Meerkat face... er, Sebastian, this is Kurt, my... best friend."

    The two glared at each other as Kurt extended a hand, ever the polite one. "Pleasure," he said, sarcasm thick as Sebastian reluctantly shook it.

    "Blaine, I'm about to start, I suggest you pay close attention to this one," Kurt said, the humor in his eyes clouded by the wary look he glanced at Sebastian.

    Blaine smiled easily at him, sending him away with a solid smack on the ass. Kurt startled and colored, but the small smile forming said the truth. He was watching said ass when Sebastian pulled his focus again.

    "That? That is my competition? Pffhh. Piece of cake."

    Blaine whirled on him, landing a solid punch to the guy's jaw. Not enough to damage, but enough to warn, although his class ring was sure to leave a mark. Meerkat stumbled back, his look one of shock, anger, and lust.

    "His name is Kurt, he is a person and I won't have you disrespecting him. I said no, and I mean no. Now get the fuck out of my face, you little bitch," Blaine snarled.

    Sebastian got up, rubbing his jaw with one hand and holding up the other in surrender. "You'll change your mind, pretty-boy, they always do. You know where to find me when you do."

    He smirked and walked out, letting Blaine breathe in relief. He shoulda know there'd be at least one. But then he forgot about that dumb fuck, because music started and Blaine's jaw dropped and holy shit he needs a pillow or something.

"Ah, ah ah, ah ah,
You're so good to me baby, baby!"

    There was definitely something to be said about how Kurt Hummel made him feel when he sang. And it was aroused.

"I wanna lock you up in my closet, when no one's around.
I wanna put your hand in my pocket, because you're allowed.
I wanna drive you into the corner, and kiss you without a sound.
I wanna stay this way forever, I'll say it loud."

    Then Kurt was coming towards him, lifting a hand and placing it on Blaine's chest, guiding him back as they held eye contact and Blaine stumbled back blindly.

"Now you're in, and you can't get out."

    Then there was a chair and Blaine was pushed into it, falling back without grace and gazing at Kurt in shock, who used his headset to start dancing and literally blowing Blaine's mind.

"You make me so hot,
Make me wanna drop,
It's so ridiculous,
I can barely stop.
I can hardly breathe,
You make me wanna scream.
You're so fabulous,
You're so good to me baby, baby.

You're so good to me baby, baby."

    Kurt came back to him, smirking at how flustered Blaine was after watching all the ways those hips could move. He placed his hands on Blaine's knees and leaned in, who involuntarily leaned back and failed to hide his blush from blooming.

"I can make you feel all better, just take it in.
And I can show you all the places, you've never been.
And I can make you say everything, that you've never said.
And I will let you do anything, again and again."

    With a flash Kurt pulled down his sleeve, revealing the leather bracelet he hadn't taken off ever since Blaine put it on him, the "B" standing out sharply in the flashing lights.

"Now you're in, and you can't get out."

    Blaine's lap was deserted and Kurt continued to dance around him, trailing a hand over him as he circled, and Blaine was painfully hard at this point and internally battling that the song never ended and that they just skip it right now.

"You make me so hot,
Make me wanna drop,
It's so ridiculous,
I can barely stop.
I can hardly breathe,
You make me wanna scream.
You're so fabulous,
You're so good to me baby, baby.

You're so good to me baby, baby."

    Then the lighting dimmed, and Kurt sat himself in Blaine's lap, lacing his arms around his neck as he looked into his eyes, and Blaine immediately wrapped his arms around the boy's waist, blush darkening as he realized what Kurt was probably feeling now. But the playfulness in the brunette's eyes was replaced with seriousness and hope, and he lifted a hand to cup Blaine's rosy cheek, his own face a similar shade.

"Kiss me, gently.
Always, I know.
Hold me, love me,
Don't ever go.
Ooh, yeah yeah."

    A kiss was pressed to his burning cheek, Kurt winked, and the dancing resumed, Blaine suddenly finding breathing incredibly difficult and requiring thought.

"You make me so hot,
Make me wanna drop,
It's so ridiculous,
I can barely stop.
I can hardly breathe,
You make me wanna scream.
You're so fabulous,
You're so good to me.

You make me so hot,
Make me wanna drop,
It's so ridiculous,
I can barely stop.
I can hardly breathe,
You make me wanna scream.
You're so fabulous,
You're so good to me baby, baby.

You're so good to me baby, baby."

    Then Kurt held out his hand, and Blaine took it without thought. Kurt pulled him to his feet, and they held each other again as Kurt sang the last line softly.

"You're so good."

    And Blaine just lost all will power.

    Gently, almost as if he was afraid of rejection, Blaine cupped Kurt's face and moved his headset up. Kurt's eyes widened, and his breath came in shallow gulps.

    Swallowing, Blaine slowly connected their lips in an increasingly familiar meeting.

    Almost instantly Kurt left out a soft sigh, clutching the back of Blaine's jacket and pulling him closer. Blaine barely held back his moan, tilting the countertenor's head and deepening the kiss. He breathed in deeply through his nose, head swimming from the alcohol and Kurt's addicting scent of vanilla and jasmine and Marc Jacobs cologne.

    Kurt was the first to pull away, giggling as Blaine chased after his lips, allowing a few more soft touches. His pupils were slightly lust blown and dazed looking, and he smiled shyly at the badboy in his arms, who was gazing at him with such adoration.

    No words were needed. They could feel it in the static surrounding them.

    "Your turn," Kurt whispered, reaching up to pull the headset from his hair, offering it to the hazel-eyed boy with a hopeful smile.

    Blaine returned the smile easily, giving in to temptation to lean in and press a chaste kiss to the pale boy's lush mouth one more time. He took the headset and went to the machine to set up.

    "You want to get some water or something, Kurt?" he asked suddenly. "I don't want you straining your vocal chords so soon before Sectionals. I know how important it is to you."

    And Kurt was so shocked and so touched that he just nodded mutely, a small smile on his face as he ascended the stairs.


    That smile was gone quickly as he entered the kitchen, however.

    "Well well, if it isn't gay face."

    Kurt tensed, expecting a drunk jock about to harass him, but only grew irritated when he found Meerkat face instead, a clean bruise forming on his jaw. He rolled his eyes, deciding to ignore the teen who obviously had eyes for his Blaine.

    "I don't know what he sees in you, honestly," the boy continued to sneer, coming up behind the countertenor as he sipped his water. "I mean, is what you're wearing even guy clothing?"

    Kurt started at him, the blue of his irises sharp and cold as ice. "Fashion has no gender," he said nonplused.

    Meerkat cackled. "Typical," he snorted. "He's obviously trying to get your virginity, because I don't see any other reason he hangs around you."

    Kurt slammed his glass down, the resonating thud making Sebastian wince slightly. His eyes burned with blue fire, his tone clipped and cutting as glass.

    "You don't know me," he hissed. "You don't know him. Insult me one more time, and I won't hesitate to get all my football friends, including my brother, who is the quarterback, and my boxer best-friend to kick your obnoxious CW hair out of Ohio."

    Sebastian's smirk faltered slightly, anxiety over the forces against him momentarily making him pause. Using the opportunity to slip by, Kurt held his head high and walked back downstairs, eager to listen to Blaine's performance and erase Meerkat from his mind.


    "Took you long enough," the curly haired teen teased, all set up and bouncing with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

    Kurt gave a close-lipped smile. "Got pulled into a conversation," he said in a way of explanation, taking a seat in the chair he had shoved Blaine into a few minutes earlier, resting his head on his folded hands as he gave the performer his full attention.

    Blaine smiled, taking a deep, shaky breathe. "So, I'm not doing a song by a female," he started, smirking when Kurt mockingly applauded. "But I do think this works just as well."

    He pressed the button, music came out, and Kurt felt his breath catch in his throat.

"It's his hair and his eyes today,
That just simply take me away.
And the feeling that I'm falling further in love,
Makes me shiver, but in a good way."

    'He changed the pronoun,' Kurt couldn't help thinking, blushing as he realized Blaine made it so the song was for him and not just any old performance. His heart stuttered pleasantly in his chest.

"All the times I have sat and stared,
As he thoughtfully thumbs through his hair.
And he purses his lips, bats his eyes and he plays
With me sitting there slack-jawed, and nothing to say."

    Then Blaine smiled at Kurt shyly, pulling out one of Puck's guitars he had found, adding it to the performance as Kurt's eyes widened in surprise.

"'Cause I love him with all that I am.
And my voice shakes along with my hands.
'Cause he's all that I see, and he's all that I need,
And I'm out of my league once again."

    There wasn't much blood circulating in Kurt's head, because it was all rushing to his cheeks as he grew more and more flattered. Blaine loved seeing the pale boy turn red because of him, and gaining confidence he rose up, starting to slowly circle the boy as he strummed and sang, beautiful blue eyes tracking his every move.

"It's a masterful melody, when he calls out my name to me.
As the world spins around him, he laughs,
Rolls his eyes, and I feel like I'm falling,
But it's no surprise.

'Cause I love him with all that I am.
And my voice shakes along with my hands.
'Cause it's frightening to be swimming in this strange sea,
But I'd rather be here than on land.

Yes he's all that I see and he's all that I need,
And I'm out of my league once again."

    The fact the Blaine thought he was out of Kurt's league made the taller boy want to laugh out loud. If anything, he was out of Blaine's league. The boy skipped a grade for freaking out loud! He was gorgeous and strong and kind and talented, and Kurt was just...

    Kurt. Pale, gay, effeminate, sings-like-a-girl, Kurt.

"It's his hair and his eyes today,
That just simply take me away.
And the feeling that I'm falling further in love,
Makes me shiver, but in a good way.

All the times I have sat and stared,
As he thoughtfully thumbs through his hair.
As he purses his lips, bats his eyes,
And he plays with me sitting there slack-jawed and nothing to say.

'Cause I love him with all that I am.
And my voice shakes along with my hands.
'Cause it's frightening to be swimming in this strange sea,
But I'd rather be here than on land.

Yes he's all that I see, and he's all that I need,
And I'm out of my league once again."

    And then Blaine had stopped strumming and was caressing Kurt's burning cheek, his smile soft and apologetic. Kurt smiled back, his heart melted and eyes shinning.

    Blaine leaned in to kiss him again, and the thump thump thump of Kurt's heart was replaced with a steady source of Blaine Blaine Blaine.


    "Spin the bottle, bitches!" Puck screamed, earning a roaring cheer from the crowd.

    Kurt groaned, and Blaine threw his arm around the countertenor's shoulders, laughing hysterically.

    He's not sure how this happened. He did say he wasn't planning on getting drunk, but every time a jock tried to start something or that punk, Chance or Christian or whatever, tried to flirt with Kurt again, Blaine would find himself another drink down. Maybe it was his coping method.

    He lost his train of thought as he grinned widely, trying to drag Kurt where he thought the general direction of the circle was forming. Kurt rolled his eyes fondly and let himself be dragged, his eyes darting around worriedly as some jocks sober enough to register their presence began to protest.

    "Hey hey, this is my house," Puck slurred slightly, his tone firm and dominant. "And I say everyone gets to play. And you can't chicken out of a gay kiss, either."

    Some got up immediately and wandered off, Puck calling them sissies and cowards. Kurt smiled at his friend, who winked back and plopped himself on Kurt's side. Kurt grinned wider, glancing at other side, where Blaine was gripping his arm tight and leaning his head on his shoulder, nuzzling into his neck.

    His eyes softened. Blaine really was adorable, even drunk.

    Blaine blinked at him, smiling dopily until he saw something and immediately glared. Worried, Kurt followed the boy's line of vision, seeing both Chandler and Sebastian come join the circle. He gritted his teeth hard. If either of them were forced to kiss those two creeps...

    "Let's party!" Puck cried, chugging his beer and spinning it hard, the circle cheering in excitement. It landed on Rachel, who cheered and surged forward, despite Finn's frown. Kurt smiled, loving to see some clean drama.

    Rachel kissed Sam, who kissed Brittany, who kissed Santana (the crowd loved that one), who kissed Sebastian. It was all fun until Sebastian spun and landed on Blaine.

    Tensing instantly, the boys looked at each other in alarm. Threatened by Meerkat's predatory and triumphant look, Kurt shifted and slightly knocked the bottle, causing it to land on Puck.

    Sebastian frowned, starting to protest but was cut off by Puck, who winked at Kurt and kissed the creep to shut him up. For a straight guy he seemed pretty eager to kiss another dude.

    Kurt and Blaine sighed in relief, Blaine a bit more sober after the scare. The bottle continued to spin, until the one Chandler moved landed on Kurt.

    Kurt's eyes widened in alarm, and the punk made a gleeful noise as he attempted to reach him. However, he was soon interrupted when he found himself face-to-face with an absolutely murderous Blaine Anderson.

    "Don't even fucking think about it," the boxer growled, the room erupting in ooohhhs and whispers.

    Swallowing heavily, Chandler attempted to puff out his chest and keep his voice full of authority. "I landed on him, and the rules state that-"

    "I don't give a single solitary fuck about the rules," Blaine sneered, leaning back to crack his knuckles and neck, the pops making the boy wince in fear. "You can choose to step back without a black eye, or go ahead and receive one. Your choice."

    Chandler looked back at him, reading the seriousness in his face and paling when he found it sincere. He glanced back at Kurt, his expression trapped between longing and terror, and Kurt decided to help his decision. He raised an eyebrow, smirked, and promptly shot him the bird.

    Chandler blushed in humiliation as the circle laughed, promptly scooting back to his spot, where he began to sulk.

    Kurt breathed in relief, shooting a grateful look to Blaine, who smiled crookedly and kissed his cheek in reply.

    Frowning, Kurt looked back at the bottle and realized it was his turn to spin it. Blaine froze as he remembered as well, and the circle shifted uncomfortably, growing quiet. Shrugging his shoulders in apology, Kurt reached forward and gave the sticky bottle a hard tug.

    Blaine watched it intently, following the tip with his eyes as it moved around and around and around, until his head was beginning to spin itself. He sucked in his cheek as it slowed down, his heart panicking as it stopped.

    The room was dead quiet, all except for the short, disbelieving laugh that escaped Kurt's lips. Blaine looked at him, fearing the worst. But he grew confused when he saw Kurt smiling warmly at him, Puck giving him a thumbs up. Confused, his brow furrowed, and he looked back at the bottle, his drunken mind trying to understand.

    A hand touched his chin and his eyes widened. He looked back at Kurt in shock, asking with his eyes that he was seeing it correctly. Kurt's amused nod was like releasing a dame of worry from his mind.

    Him. The bottle landed on him.

    Suddenly overwhelmed with the realization that Kurt was his to kiss, to kiss in public, with their friends around to support them and their unwanted suitors helpless to intervene, Blaine smiled an absolutely breathtaking smile. Lifting a hand to cover Kurt's, which was still cupping his chin, Blaine cupped the back of the pale teen's neck and pulled him in.

    A sigh of contentment left their lips immediately, and the New Directions cheered as they witnessed what they believed to be their first kiss.
    Well, those that didn't know about the hickey Kurt had been sporting weeks ago, that is.

    Blaine refused to budge when Kurt tried to back away, placing a hand on the boy's hip to pull him in tighter. Kurt made a surprised noise, which quickly turned into a moan as Blaine licked his bottom lick and nibbled it, using the sound to thrust his tongue into the warm heat of Kurt's mouth. Kurt gripped his shoulders harshly, pushing forward and dominating the kiss, tongues swirling and dancing, Blaine's tongue ring making Kurt want to lose his damn mind.

    It took several cleared throats later for Kurt to remember where they were, pulling back from the boxer with an obscene pop, grinning at the slight whimper and dazed look he received. Blaine pouted up at him, and he bit his lip to avoid leaning back down to kiss it off.

    "Damn, Hummel," Santana purred, jolting the two back into reality. "I may be into pussy, but even I will admit that that was just hot."

    Puck nodded as well, shifting slightly in his position. The two broke into laughter, holding the other close as they started to tear. Mercedes smiled as she took Blaine's turn for him.

    "I think it's safe to say those two are done," she said with a smirk, and the Glee club smiled and nodded, Finn looking ready to tear Blaine's head off. Sebastian and Chandler got up and left with huffs, ignored by the remaining teens and their happiness for their friends.


    "No, we aren't together, guys." Blaine sighed tiredly, for what felt like the fiftieth time that night.

    "But you two were so possessive of each other! And the passion when you kissed..."

    "Not to mention every time someone even looks at Kurt badly, you go all liberator and fuck shit up, man," Puck grinned.

    Blaine shook his head. "Okay, we're ...more then best friends, but we aren't dating."

    The raised eyebrows spoke volumes of their disbelief.

    Blaine rolled his eyes. "Guys, I promise, if we ever do get to that stage, I'll tell you everything you want to know ... and everything you don't want to know," he finished with a mischievous smirk.

    Puck laughed and clapped his back in approval. "That's what I mean, man! Bros before hoes!"

    "Umm, I don't think that expression applies in this case," Artie said uncertainly.

    Blaine chuckled as Puck looked thoughtful. "Bros before cocks?"

    Sam shook his head. "Very creative, Puck."

    Blaine laughed and glanced back over at where Kurt was, still being interrogated by the girls of the club. He smiled fondly as the boy turned scarlet after a debauch question was asked from Santana, feeling the ache in his heart again. God, if they would just go away so he could touch him again...

    "He's gone again, guys."

    Blaine blinked, turning his head back towards the boys. "Hmm?"

    They were smiling cheekily at him. "You disappeared on us again, man," Mike was saying. "Where'd you go, huh?"

    Blaine shrugged, trying to keep his blush down. He obviously failed, because they broke out in laughter again.

    "Shut up," he muttered, smiling again as he heard Kurt laugh.

    Puck smiled gently. "He's changed you, man."

    Blaine turned to him, his eyebrow raised in question. "How so?"

    Puck shrugged. "You're different with him. Different in general."

    Mike nodded. "Yeah, I mean you've always been cool, but you've had a short fuse for quite a while. Like, everybody had to be on their toes, least you flipped out over almost anything, man."

    "True dat," Artie chimed in. "Brother, you were kinda closed off too. I mean, we teased you and you said to shut up, no heat or offense in it at all? Old you would' a gone nuts."

    Blaine cocked his head to the side as he contemplated this.

    Sam nodded as well. "I mean, none of us actually knew you knew you. We talked and such, but you never opened up personally. If I had to find you a Christmas present, all I would have to go off of is that you wear leather. And dude, I don't have that kind of money."

    Blaine looked surprised, wonder starting to fill his face. "Kurt's really changing that?" he said softly, looking back at the boy in question, his eyes filled with adoration and gratitude. He smiled softly when Kurt laughed again. The guys exchanged looks, a single though passing through them all; Blaine was in love.

    Puck rolled his eyes. "Go back to him, Anderson," he ordered, playfully giving him the shooing motion. "We can see the heart eyes breaking the longer you're away."

    "I have no idea what you're talking about," Blaine replied, face completely serious, before he wiggled his eyebrows and sauntered back to Kurt, their laughter making him smile.

    "Hey, gorgeous," he whispered, sliding up behind the boy, making him jump before turning around and smiling warmly.

    "Hi!" he breathed, already forgetting the girls were still there.

    They talked quietly, heads brushed together, and the girls finally took the hint after a few minutes and dispersed. They were in their own little world when the bubble was popped again.


    Blaine groaned, recognizing the voice and wishing it would just go away. He turned from Kurt to see Sebastian coming towards them, a hesitant Chandler on his heels. He rolled his eyes in annoyance. Kurt frowned at his face and turned to look, his expression turning bitchy from how pissed he was getting.

    "What in the name of God's green earth could you possibly want now, Meerkat?" Blaine huffed. Kurt crossed his arms as he glared at them, and Blaine placed a hand on the boy's hip to ground him.

    "We want the lip-locks we deserve," Sebastian answered, Chandler nodding after he jabbed him in the ribs for not answering.

    "Deserve?" Kurt laughed.

    "We were interfered with, and we want what we rightfully earned."

    Blaine sighed. "Listen, it doesn't matter if it was a game or not, the fact is that it's a game of consent. We said no, not verbally but clearly, and we don't owe you anything."

    Sebastian started to turn red. "You can't keep resisting me, Anderson! Smythes always get what they want!"

    Blaine glared, grabbing Kurt's wrist and holding it up, the leather bracelet sliding into view. Sebastian snarled at the silver "B" that shone from it.

    "Do you see this, Smythe?" Blaine asked, controlled fury lacing his words. "Mine."

    Sebastian opened his mouth, about to speak when-

    "Oh my God," Kurt cut in, shocking Blaine with his grammar change. "Why can't you two take a God damn hint? We're not. Interested!"

    Just then the music cut off. A moment of silence, and then...

"La la la la la la la,
La la la la la la la."

    Recognizing the music, Kurt glanced over his shoulder to see the Glee club, some with instruments, some just singing, giving them the thumbs up. Blaine grinned as he caught two microphones, handing one to Kurt. They turned back to the boys and sang.

"Why am I always hit on by the boys I never like?
I can always see 'em coming, from the left or from the right.

I don't want to be a priss, I'm just try'na be polite.
But it always seems to bite me in the - "

    They advanced upon the two, who started to backpedal in surprise. Kurt pressed a finger to Chandler's chest, pressing hard with his nail.

"Ask me for my number, yeah, you put me on the spot."

    Then Blaine put a hand on his hip and raised an eyebrow at Sebastian.

"You think that we should hook up, but I think that we should not.

You had me at "Hello", then you opened up your mouth.

And that is when it started going south,

    The boys turned on their heels and ran around the room, high-fiving the Glee club and acting out the words.

"Get your hands off my hips, 'fore I'll punch you in the lips.
Stop your staring at my - Hey!"

    They looked back and turned their asses around, glaring.

"Take a hint, take a hint.

No you can't buy me a drink, let me tell you what I think,
I think you could use a mint.

Take a hint, take a hint.
(La, la, la...)
T-take a hint, take a hint.
(La, la, la...)"

    Kurt took a seat and leaned back in it, Blaine sitting close and leaning the opposite way.

"I guess you still don't get it, so let's take it from the top.

You asked me what my sign is, and I told you it was "Stop".

And if I had a dime for every name that you just dropped.

You'd be here and I'd be on a yacht,

    They got up again, prancing and dancing, pushing the boy's back and getting in their faces.

"Get your hands off my hips, 'fore I'll punch you in the lips.
Stop your staring at my - Hey!

Take a hint, take a hint.

No you can't buy me a drink, let me tell you what I think,
I think you could use a mint.

Take a hint, take a hint.
(La, la, la...)
T-take a hint, take a hint.
(La, la, la...)"

    The boys were angry, Sebastian more offended and Chandler more humiliated. They were turning to go when Kurt and Blaine suddenly appeared again, determined to finish all of the song.

"What about "No" don't you get?

So go and tell your friends,

I'm not really interested.

It's about time that you're leavin'.

I'm gonna count to three and,
Open my eyes and,

You'll be gone."

    Then Kurt was pushing them both back with a hand, Blaine trailing behind and holding up his fingers as he counted.


Get your hands off my...


Or I'll punch you in the...


Stop your staring at my - Hey!"

    They both shoved the boy's back, who were starting to look embarrassed.

"Take a hint, take a hint.

I am not your missing link,
Let me tell you what I think,
I think you could use a mint.

Take a hint, take a hint.
Take a hint, take a hint.


Get your hands off my hips, 'fore I'll punch you in the lips.
Stop your staring at my... Hey!

Take a hint, take a hint.
(La, la, la...)
T-take a hint, take a hint.
(La, la, la...)"

    The Glee club erupted in applause, and Kurt and Blaine breathed heavily, exhilarated from the performance and triumphant as the boys quietly left the party. They laughed and hugged each other tightly, Blaine lifting Kurt off the ground and swinging him, who gave a surprised squeak and laughed.

    The girls awwwwwwwwwed at them, and they continued smiling, lost in each other's eyes.

    Together or not, these two belonged to each other, and it's about time other men knew it too.


    "Kurt, c'mon, we have to play."

    "I don't know, Blaine," Kurt said hesitantly. "Aren't you drunk enough?"

    The badboy shook his head. "I can always strip."

    And Kurt stopped protesting, because sue him if he wanted to see the man's chest.

    They joined the circle, Puck handing out beers for everyone. Kurt smelled his in distaste, and Blaine smiled fondly at him.

    "I'll start!" Brittany cheered. "Never have I ever... had unprotected sex."

    No surprise, Puck and Quinn took a sip, which everyone chuckled at. They waited for anyone else to fess up, moving on to Tina.

    "Never have I ever...  played beer pong."

    Mike looked at her shocked while everyone else, except Kurt, took a sip. He rolled his eyes at the questioning looks he was given, deciding to go next.

    "Never have I ever... had a dog."

    Then things started to get interesting.

    "Never have I ever... got Slushied with a green one."

    "Never have I ever pierced anything."

    "Never have I ever... jacked off to images of a woman."

    Not surprisingly, the straight males and lesbians took a sip. What was interesting was when Quinn took a tentative sip of her own.

    "What?" she murmured defensively. "Am I not allowed to be curious?"

    Then, "Never have I ever... watched porn."

    "Never have I ever... gone all the way."

    A decent amount of people drank, leaving Mercedes, Zizes, Blaine, and Kurt without a drink. They were waiting for the next call when they realized everyone was staring at Kurt and Blaine.

    Blaine raised an eyebrow in question. "What?"

    Santana shook her head. "Porcelain I can believe, but really, Anderson? Not even third base?"

    Puck nodded. "I'm more or less shocked you two haven't done it yet."

    Kurt blushed scarlet as Blaine shrugged modestly. "I'm waiting for the right time," he admitted.

    Kurt smiled softly at him. "... I want it to mean something," he whispered. "I want it to be a way to connect with a person better. I don't want to throw myself around like I don't matter."

    The group was silent for a second, taking it in. Until Artie slurred out, "Never have I ever given head."

    All females sans Mercedes took a sip, and to everyone's surprise, so did Puck. Kurt and Blaine, however, kept their bottles on the ground.

    "Really, Anderson?" Santana cried. "Have you done anything?"


    "Blaine, c'mon already," Kurt grunted, trying to get the boy to walk. After the game ended, with several members too drunk to keep drinking and ending up half naked, Blaine was utterly wasted. Kurt had stopped playing after finishing his first, and only beer, trying to find Blaine's shirt and jacket, locating them just in time to stop the boy from stripping his pants.

    Kurt was not going to lie, he truly enjoyed what he had seen. Blaine was a kick boxer, so it was only natural he had a cut body. But damn, nothing could have prepared Kurt for the sheer perfection that was Blaine Anderson's chest.

    It was sculpted and smooth looking, like he was chiseled from marble. He had a light dusting of curly chest hair, and his six pack looked rock solid. His cut 'V' disappeared in his jeans, and his nipples were perky from the chill. Blaine was tanned and toned and just beautiful. Kurt didn't get to see his back, but if he had...

    Making him put his shirt back on was probably the hardest thing Kurt ever had to do.

    "Babe," Kurt huffed, semi-dragging the stumbling boy through the door. "Will you work with me here?"

    His request was in vain, though, as Blaine's only functioned enough to know it was by a warm body and it liked its smell; hence, Blaine became an octopus and refused to let him go. He was trying valiantly to get Kurt to stay still so Blaine could cuddle. Kurt smiled fondly, truly unable to actually be mad at the boy.

    So he found a way to his bedroom, dropping the boy on the mattress face-down, trying to to laugh when he flailed at the sudden change of position. He brought the boy a glass of water, and shook his shoulder to gain his attention.

    "Blaine, you gotta drink something," he murmured, smiling at the dazed, horrified look that crossed the Italian's face.

    "Noooooo," he moaned pitifully. "No more... more drinky."

    Kurt snorted lightly, brushing his fingers through the boy's curls. "Not alcohol, babe, water," he said lightly.

    Blaine brightened instantly. "I like wuter," he said seriously, nodding to himself. "Wuter is ... wuter's my friend~."

    "Your best friend for the time being," Kurt agreed, helping so the poor fool wouldn't dump it on himself (and Kurt's sheets, way to expensive for that).

    Blaine was frowning when he finished, looking deep in thought. "No," he said, sounding more sober. "Kurt's my best friend. No bodies can ever be bestest than Kurt can."

    Kurt smiled. Even drunk, he was so endearing. The endearing bad-boy; who'd a thunk?

    Kurt carefully changed into pajamas, handing Blaine pair of sweat pants to change into while he did his skin care routine. When he emerged, Blaine was laying on the bed, staring at Kurt with a deep, calculating stare, leaving him feeling bare and exposed.

    He hesitantly climbed into the bed, where Blaine immediately crawled over and snuggled up, tangling their legs and pulling the pale boy into his arms. He buried his head in Kurt's neck, breathing in the scent and nuzzling slightly. Kurt shivered at the boy's hot breath ghosting over his skin, raising goosebumps.

    "We should totally kiss and stuff," Blaine mumbled, beginning to place light, sloppy kisses over Kurt's collar bone. Kurt's breath hitched, and he used all his will power to pull the boy's head from his neck. Blaine pouted at him, confusion and desire in his glassy eyes.

    Kurt smiled reassuringly. "Maybe later," he said, placing a light kiss on the tanned boy's temple. "You need to rest now, B."

    Blaine smiled dopily, returning his head and sighing happily. "You called me 'B'," he mumbled, and Kurt felt him smile against his skin.

    He smiled gently. "Yeah, I guess I did, huh?"

    "Like it," Blaine mumbled. "Like boxing. ...and food. ...and Katy Perry. ...Kurt, too. ... Yeah, I like Kurt. Like him the ...most. Kurt's so pretty..."

    Kurt willed his heart beat to slow as the boxer talked himself to sleep. Breathing harshly, Kurt placed a kiss on the boy's curly head. Blaine responded by fumbling until his body found Kurt's hand, unconsciously lacing their fingers together. Humming softly, he guided their joined hands to rest on Kurt's chest, right where his heart beat was, strong and sure.

    "So happy Kurt's mine... never gonna let him go... need him too much..."

    And Kurt almost cried in frustration. Why can't they just be together?

    But for now, being held by the boy he was slowly falling in love with, hearing him mumble his feelings as he fell asleep... that was enough. More than enough for now.

    "... ... Kurt? ..."

    "Yeah, Blaine?"

    "... Wanna hear you... hear you sing somethin'. Please?"

    "Yeah, yeah sure. Of course."

I have died every day, waiting for you.
Darling don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years.
I'll love you for a thousand more.

All along I believed I would find you.
Time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years.
I'll love you for a thousand more...
Worth The Fight: Chapter 9
So, sorry for the hiatus... I was having a crisis in AP Calculus AB that needed to be taken care of. And college apps, got plenty of acceptances so now I have to choose one. But I'm back! And still hoping my babies don't get fucked by RIB. *Sigh* One can dream. Karl says hi!


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I've been playing Harvest Moon since the N64 and I currently have 29(ish?) different HM games in my possession.

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Okay, I think you know everything about me now. Everything else is in my interests

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Now until further notice, I shall be ON HIATUS for all of my Fanfictions. I need to improve my grades badly, and I can't spend time writing instead of extra studying anymore. I'll return once my grades improve!
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