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I went to see Darren Criss as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway this past Saturday for my 18th birthday. In support of June being Pride month, the Playbill was rainbow instead of yellow. I thought it was beautiful, and the show touched me in ways I didn't know was possible. I may be a straight ally, but my mother and grandmother came from Germany, so I connected to Hedwig as a German as well.

Then this morning I woke up to news that the United States Supreme Court passed a ruling that all US states and territories must allow marriage to all couples, including those of the same sex.

And all I could think about was an episode of Glee, late Season Three, and the wish Blaine Anderson, played by Darren Criss, had made;

"What's something you're looking forward to in life?"

"I'm looking forward to marriage equality in all 50 states."


The crowd erupts in cheers. The sound is deafening, overtaking the senses as tears of joy are mixed with screams of disbelief and utter happiness. The vision is a sea of rainbow banners, flyers, flags and several other forms of support. Times Square is exploding with life. Several couples become engaged on the spot as their partners drop down to one knee.

And Blaine Handerson gaps in utter shock. He doesn't notice when he starts to cry, or when a hand reaches out to brush the tears off his tanned cheek. He can't register the soft kissed placed on his cheek, feels numb to the hand lacing its fingers with his own. Everything is muffled and hazy in his ears, and he misses someone calling his name several times.

It takes his husband kissing him on the lips, full of passion and pride and utter relief until he can get past his shock and kiss back.

"Kurt," he breathes out, his voice choked and hushed in absolute awe. His husband of four months beams back at him, nodding reverently as words escape him.

"I know," Kurt Handerson murmurs, pulling Blaine close to him as he threads a hand into his gelled curls, resting their temples together. "I know, baby."

And Blaine breaks down into sobs, wrapping his love in his arms as his body sags in relief and satisfaction, the weight of what has just happening closing around his heart and providing a sense of freedom he has never felt before in his life.

It is June 26th, year 2015. And the United States Supreme Court has ruled in favor of all 50 states and territories the right to same-sex marriage.

Blaine has had a few dreams in life. Fall in love. Get married. Have a family. Make it on Broadway. Be comfortable in his own skin.

And see marriage equality in all 50 states.

He remembers when he first admitted it, back in 2012 when he was a junior at William McKinley high school. His friends all in a circle, stating what they were hoping to see in their lives. Mercedes wanted to meet Rachel's children, and others had similar or more personal wishes, but Blaine had thought beyond himself.

When Blaine first came out at 14, only five of the fifty states allowed him to get married to another man. Now, at 20, he finds that all of them do.

Granted, he may have already gotten married, but the impact of this event does not lose it's magic in any way, shape or form.

It makes him cry, because if someone had told 14 year old Blaine that the world would go his way one day, and so much sooner than he expected, would he have been so insecure? Would he have felt the need to hide behind a mask, as he did at Dalton? Would he have been more confident, happier, more sure in his future with Kurt?

Somewhere, thousands of young LGBT youth just like him are witnessing this historic event. And the positive impact it will cause is so large he can't even begin to wrap his head around it.

So Blaine cries into his husband's shoulder. He cries for his past, cries for Kurt's past, cries for the hardship of others like them and those who didn't live to see it happen. Cries for those whose families don't accept them, cries for the hope that has blossomed for everyone in the nation.

Blaine Handerson cries.

And the nation rejoices.
Looking Forward
(Oneshot) (NonCanon based off Canon)
(Reaction to Supreme Court Ruling)

Blaine Anderson wished to live long enough to see marriage equality in all 50 states. on June 26th, 2015, he got his wish.



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United States
Hi there, I'm Katianna, or HarvestMoonFreak723.

I'm also on under the same username, I keep all my Fanfictions there so look there as well, sometimes I only publish there so there's other works there too! :)

I have an account on Scarves& under this name too.

I've also decided :iconthe-sage-of-wind: is my biggest fan and supporter. You rock, girl! You really keep me going!

So, I'm pretty much a well rounded artist. I write, draw, Cosplay, photography, dolls, and other crafts and models. Decent at all, some better than others. Point is, I pretty much do it all. It's great!

There is one thing in this world that has stolen majority of my life and my heart, and that is a game series called Harvest Moon, created by the company Natsume.

I've been playing Harvest Moon since the N64 and I currently have 31(ish?) different HM games in my possession.

I also have another love that is runner up to Harvest Moon and that is DragonBallZ. I fell in love with it in minutes and will not rest until every season of DragonBall, DragonBallZ, DragonBallGT, and every movie are in my possession.

After DragonBall/Z/Gt, my favorite loves are;

- How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD)
- Glee (Klaine)
- Xena: Warrior Princess (XENA)
- The Broadway Community (Mostly Phantom and Hedwig)

Check out my groups!

Harvest Moon pairings:

-Leia x Jack (DS)
-Celia x Jack (AWL)
-Rock x Jill (ANWL, DSCute)
-Claire x Gray (MFoMT)
-Rio x Neil (NB)
-Hart x Witch Princess (NB)
-Mark x Chelsea (IOH, SI, FF)
-Molly x Toby (AP)
-Anita x Angelo (GB)
-Tina x Kurt (MM)
-Oliver x Sherry (GB)
-Philip x Georgia (TToTT)
-Lilian x Ash (TToTT)
-Kevin x Kathy (ToT)
-Tony x Gwen (STH)
-Adam x Ann (MM)
-Rio x Neil (ANB)
-Hart x Felicity (ANB)
-Claire x Hunter (LV)
-Minori x Reager (SoS)
-Male MC x Iris (SoS)
-Harvest Goddess x Harvest King (God) (AP)
-All canon rival couples (except Mary x Gray)
DragonBall/Z/GT pairings:

-Son Goku/Kakarot x Princess ChiChi
-Bulma Briefs x Prince Vegeta
-No. 18 x Krillin
-Son Gohan x Videl Satan
-Son Goten x Bra Briefs
HTTYD pairings:

-Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III x Astrid Hofferson
-Ruffnut Thorston x Fishlegs Ingerman
-Stoick the Vast x Vallaharma/Valka
Glee Pairings:

- Kurt Elizabeth Hummel x Blaine Devon Anderson
(Klaine) <3

- Will Schuster x Emma Philsbury
- Mike Chang x Tina Cohen-Chang
- Coach Shannon Bestie x Cooter Menkins
- Noah Puckerman x Lauren Zizes
- Sam Evans x Quinn Fabray
- Mercedes Jones x Shane
"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

"There's nothing wrong with you. There's a lot wrong with the world you live in."
-Chris Colfer

"There's nothing more badass than being who you are."
-Darren Criss

-"Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings"
-"Don't think you're hot if you're not."
-"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The most important thing is to not stop questioning."
-"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you've always got."
-"I won't take a bullet for anyone because if I have time to jump in front of a have the time to move."
-Embrace your inner dork; life is too short
-The part I don't get about "no", is the part where I don't get what I want.
-"Heart break is more popular disease than heart attack"
- "Love can be good, love can be bad, love can drive the best of us mad."
-"I believe the word 'studying' was derived from the words 'students dying'"
-"Sorry I'm Not Perfect But I'm Definetly Not "Fake".
-"We don't get to pick who we fall in love with, and it doesn't happen like it should."
-"They say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday"
-"People say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it."

Okay, I think you know everything about me now. Everything else is in my interests

Hope to hear from you soon! :D
Now until further notice, I shall be ON HIATUS for all of my Fanfictions. I need to improve my grades badly, and I can't spend time writing instead of extra studying anymore. I'll return once my grades improve!
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  • Reading: Klaine Fanfiction (still!)
  • Watching: Glee Episodes / Youtube Videos
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  • Drinking: Grape juice

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