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~~<><>~~ CLAIRE ~~<><>~~


The sun peaks its head out of the earth slowly, letting its light filter through the windows gently, bathing the room in a soft glow. I breathe in deeply, my senses filling with the musky, sulfur smell that accompanies my husband. Sighing in contentment, I nuzzle my nose deeper into the silky auburn locks ticking my cheek. His arms tighten around me instinctively, his bare chest against my skin keeping me warm against the morning chills.

I love this. I love waking up in his arms, his strong embrace keeping me close, keeping me safe. His face buried in the crook of my neck, nose gently skimming the skin there, warm breath sending chills along my skin. Our legs intertwined, skin on skin, hearts beating as one.

It's fantastic, being with the one you were created for. To have such simple moments like this with him, are the best of my life. It's only been a year since our marriage, and I still don't understand how I could sleep without the comfort of his presence next to mine every night.

A small smile grazes my lips as I hum quietly. A year. It's been a year.

Today is Spring 16th. It's our first Anniversary.

Not even the storm from the previous day can affect how perfect today will be. Smiling at him, I gently extract myself from his arms, his face turning into a frown as he detects the absence of my body heat. Giggling quietly, I place my pillow into his outstretched hands, which he pulls to his chest and buries his face into, breathing deeply and releasing the tension in his shoulders.

I smile gently at the touching scene, knowing in my heart that if I ever doubted his love all I had to do was watch how he reacts in his sleep, where the subconscious prevails and knows things even we don't.
Singing softly under my breath, I go to the kitchen where I start cooking breakfast for him, with a little extra something special for today. I leave everything to stand or stew as I retrieve our daughter from her crib, gently rocking her in my arms as I croon sweet nothings to her.

Katherine Carly Adams. Only three months, and already I can tell beauty is going to be a constant presence with her. She has my silky gold blonde hair and dark sapphire eyes, and my smooth creamy complexion. A dusting of freckles sprinkle her pointed nose, and her slight curls are all I can see of her father. I smile, not many people realize Gray's hair is a bit curly; his hat is always covering it up.

She's perfect. My husband is perfect. My business is perfect.

And except for my family life and yesterday's storm, life is pretty damn perfect, too.

I hold her in one arm as I prepare to feed her, setting the burners low and stirring everything a final time. I sing quietly to her as she suckles, her tiny hands grasping at the air. I lift my hand to hers, and her tiny fingers curl around mine. I smile as a similar memory flashes through my mind, one where I had done the same as a child.

Ever since I discovered my powers, controlling them has become much easier now that I know what to do about them. They've become a part of the norm, but I still have to hide them from the public eye. When she gets old enough to recognize them, I'll have to hide them from her too, until she can understand to keep them a secret.

Not for now, though. Now she is blissfully ignorant, her mind's memory very fickle and unreliable. Frowning as I realize I left the rag on the counter, I tilt my head upwards towards it, and it glows faintly for a moment before gently floating over to me. I reach out and pluck it from the air, dabbing at my breast and her mouth. She smiles at me, and giggles quietly. I smile back, giving her an Eskimo kiss.

Strong, familiar arms wrap around my waist from behind as I stand, pulling me against a broad chest. Warm lips brush under the tender spot beneath my ear, and I shiver from pleasure.

"Good morning," he whispers, his voice husky from sleep, warm breath ghosting over my chilled skin. I turn in his arms, cautious as to not crush our daughter between us, and press my lips to his in a chaste, sweet kiss. "Hi," I breathe out.

He smiles at me gently, holding his arms out for permission. Smiling gently, I place the infant in his arms, and he holds her close, rocking her gently against his chest. My heart melts every time at the sight. He really is such a wonderful father. He's everything his own father failed to be, and I know it's so important to him.

"I smell baked corn," he murmurs, looking at me with hopeful eyes, the azure color sparkling with happiness. I nod. "Yes," I say. "Just give me a moment..." I trail off, returning to the cooking.

After it's finished I place it all along the table, where Gray is making faces at her, smiling every time she coos happily. The smell of the food hits him, and he glances between the table and his daughter several times, his inward battle raging in his eyes. I smile fondly, relieving his arms of the fussing infant, who he gives up a bit begrudgingly. He gets distracted by the food quickly, and I shake my head affectionately as I return her to her cradle, singing softly until her eyes droop.


"Where are you taking me?" I ask later, as Gray pulls me down the forest path. We left Katherine with her great-grandfather, who was more than happy to watch her. She, however, is still learning who he is, and wasn't fond of us leaving her.

"It's a surprise," he grins mischievously. I roll my eyes. I've heard that one before.

He pulls me along quickly, smiling hugely to himself, glancing at me every few seconds. Suddenly he turns around and faces me, looking slightly hesitant.

"Do you trust me?"

"With my soul," I say instantly, not even thinking about it.

He smiles, and holds up a sapphire cloth. My eyes widen in alarm before he ties the material over my eyes, pressing a kiss to my temple.

"Just relax, Clairedy-Cat," he murmurs, before sweeping his arm across my legs, sending me tumbling into his arms. I shriek quietly when he catches me, and he hoists me up into his powerful arms as he carries me bridal-style to our destination. I lean into his side, comforted by the material of his work suit and the feel of his body pressed into mine.

"I'm going to place you down," he says into my ear. "I just need to finish up, don't panic, okay?"

I nod, trusting him completely. Gingerly he places me down on a soft surface, and I pout when his arms leave me. He laughs quickly and places a chaste kiss on my lips, grinning into it. He leaves, and I hum quietly to myself as I wait, convincing myself not to just use my powers to see what he's doing.

Light floods my vision as the blindfold is suddenly removed, and I blink quickly to readjust. A shocked gasp escapes my lips.

"Oh honey," I breathe.

We were in a part of the forest I had never seen before. The trees were tall and strong, blocking the sun's glare but allowing the area to be lit in a soft glow, giving the illusion of a later time in the day. A blanket had been spread on the ground, picnic basket included, and a few lanterns were lit and circled the area.

"Do you like it?" Gray asked, the unconfident tone clear. I wanted to punch him; how could he think I won't love any and everything he ever did for me?

I turned to him and pulled him close, planting a large, passionate kiss upon his lips. After several moments I pulled back, his lips chasing mine as a small whine came out. I looked at him under my long lashed, my eyes probably dark with want.

"Does that answer your question?" I asked him huskily.

He smiled at me devilishly, throwing me over his shoulder as he walked us the rest of the way to the cite. I protested playfully, swinging my feet and squealing. He laughed happily, releasing me gently before placing a sweet, chaste kiss on me.

"Happy Anniversary," he breathed.

I pulled back from him, focusing on my powers. "Happy Anniversary."

Music began to play around us, and he looked around quickly before turning back to me, a pleased smile gracing his features. We couldn't possibly have today without a duet, now could we?

"You capture me with a stare,
I'll follow you anywhere,
You lead me into temptation.

I guess you need to enjoy,
I'm like a kid with a toy,
I'm losing my concentration.

One kiss from you and I'm on fire.
Your touch is all I desire.
One look and you take me higher.

You know I couldn't resist,
Ya, I miss every time I'm with you,
Every time that we kiss.

I'm in heaven when you kiss me,
Heaven when you kiss me.
You were sent to me from Wonderland.

I go crazy when you kiss me.
Show me how you miss me.
Take me with you back to Wonderland.

You know I couldn't resist,
Ya, I miss every time I'm with you,
Every time that we kiss."

His smile was bright and breathtaking, love and devotion shinning through as I sang to him. This song had history with us, and I knew he loved the gesture. It wasn't like I expected him to be the only romantic one today, after all. So, he took up his part.

"I dream of you every night.
Feels like I'm losing my mind.
The feelin's just getting stronger.

My head is spinnin' around,
You play with me but I'm bound.
I can't resist any longer.

One kiss from you and I'm on fire.
Your touch is all I desire.
One look and you take me higher.

You know I couldn't resist,
Ya, I miss every time I'm with you,
Every time that we kiss."

This would never get old. Never. Not when we were gray, not when Katherine had her own child, and certainly not when we were rejoined as complete soul mirrors. He gazed into my eyes, pulling me up to dance, and I did.

There, in that forest, with my husband, best friend, lover, and soul mate, singing together like we were always meant to; I felt complete.

"You know that I'm hypnotized,
Each time I look in your eyes.
You know I couldn't disguise,
And I couldn't resist every time that we kiss.

I'm in heaven when you kiss me,
Heaven when you kiss me.
You were sent to me from Wonderland.

Ooh, it's heaven when you kiss me,
Heaven when you kiss me.
You were sent to me from Wonderland.

I go crazy when you kiss me,
Baby, don't resist me.
Take me with you back to Wonderland.

You know I that I'm hypnotized by your eyes,
And I just can't resist,
Every time that we kiss."

And as we slowed down, as he gazed at me with such desire and love, as we forgot about the food waiting for us and the surroundings around us, I couldn't be any happier.

Leaning close, my voice hushed and awed, lips brushing his with every word, I revealed in the perfection and rightness that was my life.

"You know I that I'm hypnotized by your eyes,
And I just can't resist,
Every time that we kiss."


~~<><>~~ JACK ~~<><>~~


I wasn't entirely thrilled about the hurricane.

With the obvious out of the way, it really was a problem. The barn had held, so Judy was safe, though in a foul mood since I couldn't feed her yesterday. Boulders and stumps, twigs, weeds, and rocks litter my field, a fairly decent portion of my crops destroyed.

I sigh. It isn't to be helped. These things happen, even without a Witch controlling it. I could have easily happened in summer. Nothing to do but clear it up and replant, hoping it wasn't too late in the season to earn some income.

I had just finished clearing the weeds, rocks and twigs, when I feel a little overwhelmed for the day. Overworking yourself was never the right answer. It was still rather early in the afternoon, so I decide to go for a stroll. I've rarely had the time to just walk around and gaze at the Valley, the place I would call my home for a long time.

My thoughts return to the rose I had picked that first day, the one that turned black as night with the blood red lining. My eyebrows furrow as I remember how it looked this morning where I planted it, standing tall and proud while the surrounding plants wilted around it. I chew my cheek as I contemplate what it means. I sigh and shake my head, storing it away for later as I congratulate myself on taking that hunch and planting it so I could keep an eye on it.

I arrive at the Dig Site, gazing at the tiny but powerful waterfall that flowed there. Across from it was the Goddess Spring I had discovered earlier, but not many go there unless they need to pray. I contemplated taking off my boots and skimming my toes in the clear water, when a voice called out to me.


I turn around, finding Professor Carter, the later-than-middle-aged man who worked in the site. His young, blonde assistant, Flora, was scurrying behind him, her glasses sliding off her nose slightly. He huffed a bit as he reached me.

"Jack, do you have a hammer?" he asks me, looking extremely excited and hopeful. Flora had the same look to her face, her eyes wide in curiosity.

"Um, yes, I do." I say puzzled. "Why? Do you need it for something?"

He grinned widely. "I think I've made a great discovery," he rushes out. "The storm shook the site pretty hard last night. I was feeling along the walls, looking for signs of weakness, and one of the walls is hollow sounding when you hit it," he explains, his voice full of excitement.

"Oh," I say. "So you need a hammer for...?"

He looks so happy then. "To break the wall down, off course," he replies, laughing at my look of bewilderment. "The hollowness means there might be a tunnel that's opened up behind it!" he clarifies.

Understanding dawns on me. "So if there's a tunnel, you could advance your research!"

"Exactly!" he cries. "Think of the endless possibilities it may lead too! We'll have to prepare for our ascend, of course, but the sooner the wall falls, the better!"

I nod my head eagerly. "Of course, of course! Lead the way, I can get a few good swings in I'm sure."

He beams up at me, and Flora squeals in excitement. We rush the short distance to the entrance, my vision blinded for a moment by the lack of light. Carter leads me over to a section of the wall, where he's knocking to find the right spot.

"Over here, Jack!" he calls.

I go to where he's marked an outline with a piece of chalk, big enough to fit people through. I dig my hammer out of my bag, glad I had the sense to keep it in my rucksack after my work this morning.

"Hit this spot as hard as you can!" Flora encourages, smiling excitedly.

With a large heave, I thrust my hammer into the wall, the vibrations shaking my arms and rumbling the site. I pull back and swing again, a crack forming and spreading. After a fifth hit, my hammer breaks through.

"Yes!" Carter cries, taking it from me as he eagerly attacks the rest of the wall, debree flying into the air and crumbling at our feet. Flora has vanished, but she returns shortly afterwards with two packs and tools, her face blocked from view. I hurry to her and offer to help her, taking some things from her arms.

"Thank you, Jack," she smiles shyly at me, and I suck in a gasp.

Purple. Her eyes are purple.

Albeit a light, pinkish purple, but purple nonetheless. I blink and clear my head, ducking and scurrying off with the items in my arms. Strange. Why does it matter to me what color her eyes are? I know purple eyes are incredible rare for humans, though they are actually not too uncommon among Harvesters somehow. Heck, Jill has them. Not sure what it means, but why would it affect me so?

I'm shaken from my thoughts as Carter breaks through the rest of the wall, the space large enough to squeeze through now. Silently Flora hands him one of the packs and he takes it, both simultaneously shouldering them and hoisting their tools, forcing themselves through the space.

I know I shouldn't. But I can't help it. Curiosity runs through the Royales' blood. Cautiously I follow them through the space, picking up my discarded hammer from the floor.

It's dark, mostly from the lack of lighting they hooked up in the entrance, but that's not a problem for long. Light fills the entire room as Carter holds up his recently lit lantern, revealing a tiny room, about the size of my cabin, spread out before us, dull gray rocks spotting the ground and expanding over the surface.

He hands the lantern to Flora, who takes it from him silently. Holding his hand out to me, I blink before I realize with a start and place my hammer into his grasp. Slowly he approaches the nearest stone, and raising it over his head, brings it down to the face of the stone with a mighty bang. It splits open, and I hear Carter suck in a gasp.

Suddenly he's laughing. But not the good kind of laughing. The 'are you kidding me?' kind of laughing.

"What is it, Professor?" Flora asks concerned, racing to his side to peer at the object he's picked up from the rock debree. Her face drops in a frown. Curiosity piqued, I step over them to gaze at the mystery object.

I stop. Stare. But unlike them, I'm smiling and my laughter is genuine.

It's a chunk of ore. Copper ore. The kind farmers need to upgrade tools, make machines, repairs, etc. The Valley has never had an ore mine, we buy those imports from Mineral Town. But now we don't need to do that.

"This is fantastic!" I breathe out. "An ore mine! We can start exporting our own ore, maybe have a better business than Mineral Town! And minerals are in it's freaking name!"

Carter grumbles and Flora crosses her arms over her chest. "Big whoop," she mutters. "What kind of archeological study can we do on stupid ores?" She shakes her head in disappointment. "Let's go, Professor," she says dejectedly, and he follows behind, his shoulders drooped.

But I don't. No sir, I stay right here; this is too good to be true. With a grin, I raise my hammer over my head, and bring it down on another rock. Having my brother-in-law take a run for his money should be entertaining.


It's been hours. How long exactly I can't place, but I've made great progress. I dug into the ground a few times, where I found strange black plants, and every so often a staircase leading to a lower ground. The lower I got, the better ore I would find. I've picked up copper ore, silver ore, even some gold ore.

I know I should return up soon. My strength is running low, and it's most likely well into the evening now. Deciding on one last rock, I start walking towards it.

Before I can reach it, however, I notice something too little too late. The ground is pitched inwards in a spot in this path, and as I place my weight on top of it, the ground gives way under my feet to reveal the hole it was barely covering.

With a shout that is quickly swallowed up, the hole widens and I fall into it completely, my lantern dropping from my grasp and going out when I crash to the ground many moments later.

Groaning quietly in pain, I attempt to raise to my feet, but find that I can't. My previous fatigue paired with the injury of my fall has drained me of all my remaining strength. I can't even find the energy to call out for help.

"Shit," I breathe, coughing into my fist on the ground. My eyelids start to droop, exhaustion too much to keep them open. Right before I go dead to the world, a shiver runs through my body as my ears strain to pick up a faint sound.

My heart freezes, realizing what my brain doesn't connect, because I've already drifted off. The sinister, evil laughter grows louder around me, ricocheting off the walls and bouncing back to me, giving the illusion that there is more than one laugh present. Not that I notice, or anything.



... ... ...

Wake up, my child.

... ... Please, Jack, wake up.”

A light goes on, and I see that there is endless blackness around me. Come to think of it, I can't even find myself here. That's how I know this is in my mind.

The light glows blue, becoming brighter and larger in size as it speeds up. Sparkling Sprite magic accompanies it, turning the light golden as it takes the form of a woman. It's a silhouette, but a woman's form nonetheless.

"Jackson," she speaks, her voice high and musical, echoing with power and authority, but remaining kind and gentle.

"You must wake up, my child," she says to me, her image shimmering with faintness and static. She doesn't have much time.

"I don't have much time," she echoes me. "With my body immobile, I can only use my mind for so long. Jackson, you must wake up before my sister can harm you. Your mind holds tremendous possibilities, ones you have yet to discover, others I hope you never do. You are the Hero of my prophecy, Jack, and I need you to prove me right."

"Please, you must stop my sister and return me to power," she pleads. "I cannot stress this urgently enough." Her image shutters again. Her light begins to dim.

"My time is growing near," she breathes, voice losing strength. "Jackson, I need for you to remember. We can't help you, we can't tell you anything, because you already know the answers. The moment you discover them, the moment your true power is unleashed."

Her image is faint, almost gone now. "Find her, Jack," she whispers. "She is the key to you finding the truth. That is all the aid I can give you."

"Find her, Jack. Please, please... ... ... please.... ... ..... ...."

Her voice whizzes out with her image, the light diminishing like a flame dying in a candle.

Dark, haunting laughter echoes around me in the blackness, and I continue to sleep.
The Journey: Chapter 6
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Hey guys! Sorry I've been so inactive, I decided that I would finish Simple Song first. For obvious reasons, it does take place before this story.

So yes, this is still on Hiatus. It's still my senior year, I can't write as much as I'd like. I promise, it won't take a year for the next update.

*(Reminder: This is planned to be 50 chapter long. So is its sequel. This will be around for a while)*


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Hi there, I'm Katianna, or HarvestMoonFreak723.

I'm also on under the same username, I keep all my Fanfictions there so look there as well, sometimes I only publish there so there's other works there too! :)

I have an account on Scarves& under this name too.

This picture was made by the awesome :iconsunshineblondie:

I've also decided :iconthe-sage-of-wind: is my biggest fan and supporter. You rock, girl! You really keep me going!

So, I'm pretty much a well rounded artist. I write, draw, Cosplay, photography, dolls, and other crafts and models. Decent at all, some better than others. Point is, I pretty much do it all. It's great!

There is one thing in this world that has stolen majority of my life and my heart, and that is a game series called Harvest Moon, created by the company Natsume.

I've been playing Harvest Moon since the N64 and I currently have 29(ish?) different HM games in my possession.

I also have another love that is runner up to Harvest Moon and that is DragonBallZ. I fell in love with it in minutes and will not rest until every season of DragonBall, DragonBallZ, DragonBallGT, and every movie are in my possession.

After DragonBall/Z/Gt, my favorite loves are;

- How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD)
- Glee (Klaine)
- Xena: Warrior Princess (XENA)
- Jack Frost (ROTG)

Check out my groups!

Harvest Moon pairings:

-Leia x Jack (DS)
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-Rock x Jill (ANWL, DSCute)
-Claire x Gray (MFoMT)
-Rio x Neil (NB)
-Hart x Witch Princess (NB)
-Mark x Chelsea (IOH, SI, FF)
-Molly x Toby (AP)
-Anita x Angelo (GB)
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-Harvest Goddess x Harvest King (God) (AP)
-All canon rival couples (except Mary x Gray)
DragonBall/Z/GT pairings:

-Son Goku/Kakarot x Princess ChiChi
-Bulma Briefs x Prince Vegeta
-No. 18 x Krillin
-Son Gohan x Videl Satan
-Son Goten x Bra Briefs
HTTYD pairings:

-Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III x Astrid Hofferson
-Ruffnut Thorston x Fishlegs Ingerman
-Stoick the Vast x Vallaharma/Valka
Other Pairings:

-Xena of Amphipolis: Warrior Princess x Ares: God of War
-Freddie Benson x Samantha Puckett
-Elizabeth Bennett x Mr. Darcy
-Jane Bennett x Mr. Bingley
-Lucinda Price x Daniel Grigori
-Eep x Guy
-Chris Colfer x Darren Criss
(I know I know, Darren is technically straight but I can't help it)
-Jack Frost: Spirit of Winter and Guardian of fun x Ice Queen Elsa of Arendelle
Glee Pairings:

- Kurt Elizabeth Hummel x Blaine Devon Anderson
(Klaine) <3

- Will Schuster x Emma Philsbury
- Mike Chang x Tina Cohen-Chang
- Coach Shannon Bestie x Cooter Menkins
- Noah Puckerman x Lauren Zizes
- Sam Evans x Quinn Fabray
- Mercedes Jones x Shane
Castle Pairings:

-Katherine (Kate) Beckett x Richard (Rick) Castle
-Detective Kevin Ryan x Jenny
-Detective Hoviair Esposito x Lanny
House of Night Pairings:

-Zoey Redbird x James Stark
-Stevie Rae x Rephiam
-Aphrodite x Darius
-Jack x Damien (even though Jack died :( )
Mario Pairings:

-Mario x Princess Peach (Toadstool)
-Luigi x Princess Daisy
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Victorious Pairings:

-Tori Vega x Beck Oliver
-Cat Valentine x Robbie Sharpiro
-Jade West x Beck Oliver
"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

"There's nothing wrong with you. There'a a lot wrong with the world you live in."
-Chris Colfer

"There's nothing more badass than being who you are."
-Darren Criss

-"Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings"
-"Don't think you're hot if you're not."
-"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The most important thing is to not stop questioning."
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-"I believe the word 'studying' was derived from the words 'students dying'"
-"Sorry I'm Not Perfect But I'm Definetly Not "Fake".
-"We don't get to pick who we fall in love with, and it doesn't happen like it should."
-"They say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday"
-"People say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it."

Okay, I think you know everything about me now. Everything else is in my interests

Hope to hear from you soon! :D
Now until further notice, I shall be ON HIATUS for all of my Fanfictions. I need to improve my grades badly, and I can't spend time writing instead of extra studying anymore. I'll return once my grades improve!
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